Who We Are 

Virginia Birth Photographers is a network of professional birth photographers around the state of Virginia who share a mutual passion for the art of birth. We love birth and the moments surrounding birth... the moments that matter. 

Our Mission

The mission of Virginia Birth Photographers is two-fold:

  • To spread the beauty of birth and promote the art of birth photography throughout the state of Virginia by providing expectant parents with the resources they need to find their perfect birth photographer.

  • To create a dependable network of birth photographers that will provide resources, accountability, and encouragement to other birth photographers around the state of Virginia.

Our Founder

Liz Cook is a birth photographer who has called Virginia home since toddlerhood. She is passionate about the beauty of birth and the empowerment birth brings to women. She created Virginia Birth Photographers after longing for a nearby networking group with which to share the adventures of living life as a birth photographer. 

Our Charter Members

Virginia Birth Photographers would not be here today if it weren't for our first ten members who took a leap of faith and joined VBP at the very beginning. These photographers deserve our deepest gratitude for their loyalty to VBP over the years. Below are the ten ladies who will always be in our hearts, whether they have moved on from birth photography or continue shooting throughout their lifetime:

Megan Boyles

Patience Salgado

Meghan Hale

Amanda McGhee