Carolina Reese

Name: Carolina Reese
Business Name: Carolina Reese
City of Residence: Arlington, VA
Facebook Page:
Types of Birth Attended: Hospital Births, Birth Center Births, Home Births, Unassisted Births, Worldwide Birth Documentaries
Do you offer video? Yes, full film videos

About Me: I’m a storyteller, educator, animal lover, advocate, athlete, and mother. Originally, I’m from Colombia, but have lived all over and our family has recently moved to Northern Virginia from Oregon (yup! that’s a lot of driving). I’ve recently discovered the joy of binge watching shows on Netflix and totally understand the addiction. I love coffee! I know I know; everyone says that, but being Colombian, I think I've had a bond with it since birth. I am kind of an adrenaline junkie, which explains my love for triathlon (I'm an Ironman), Crossfit, and my motorcycle. One day we’d love to travel on our motorcycles, my husband writing and exploring while I photograph family stories in different countries. Some day… Our family abides by the motto "less things, more experiences." A tiny house and lots of travel may very well be in our future.

About my photography business: My business was born from a perfect storm of events; the desire to create personal stories with a purpose, my daughter’s incessant curiosity with where she came from, and the task of putting a slideshow together for my father-in-law’s memorial. My story isn’t quite as chipper as others; I’ve experienced a lot of loss and while I’ve always taken photos, with loss I began to value photographs as the visual journals we leave to our children, family, and friends after we’re gone. Images create our life story. After my daughter started asking to see photos from her birth-day and regularly combing through them; I realized just how special it was to have the nurse in the O.R. take photos for me that day. The images weren’t great, but I cherish them and so does she. I chose to make documenting human interest stories my life’s work. As an educator I feel a responsibility to create and share stories that fairly and accurately represent women and men and examine and critique our current media’s gender representation. We often see the world differently when we have kids and, having a daughter, I refuse to let media teach her how she should feel about herself or define her self-worth. I owe it to my daughter to challenge media to do better and that’s where the education piece of my business comes in. I aim to identify media that misrepresents us, starting with birth, as being born is the experience that connects all of us, and going from there. I advocate, educate, and consult to bring about more gender honorable media.