Macy Lau Photography

Name: Macy Lau-Allen
Business Name: Macy Lau Photography
City of Residence: Richmond, VA
Facebook Page:
Types of Birth Attended: Hospital Births, Home Births

About Me: I am the mother of two energetic children, one born in a hospital and one at home. I enjoy traveling, good food, and sports. I've been taking documentary photographs for over 15 years--everything from nature to sports and weddings to births and family portraits. I like using my photography to capture life's be a storyteller.

About my photography business: I felt called to focus my photography on birth and families after spending an afternoon editing photos from a birth I was honored to document. I found I had tears in my eyes as I looked through the images and relived all the moments the birthing mother had experienced, contraction by contraction, push by push, touch by touch. The images captured her joy, pain, struggle, and so much love with her partner, her sister, her midwife, and her new baby. I knew that documenting birth as it unfolds in its natural beauty was more than my work, it was my vocation. I approach birth as a documentary photographer, out of the way but capturing images that tell the elation and intensity of your baby's birth for years to come. The mother wrote me back after seeing her gallery, "You took such thoughtful shots and we'll cherish them forever. I'm so so happy to have them and that your photos allow me to experience the day again with a clearer head. You have such a talent." I did my job. It is an honor to be a part of one of the most powerful events in life.