Patience Salgado Photography

Name: Patience Salgado
Business Name: Patience Salgado Photography
City of Residence: Richmond
Facebook Page: Patience Salgado Photography
Types of Birth Attended: 
Home Births, Unassisted Home Births, Hospital Births, Birth Center Births

About Me: Hi all! My name is Patience Salgado. I am a kindness worker, birth/hospice photographer and social impact artist living in an old gray house in Richmond, Virginia. I hate writing bios more than anything in the entire world. It feels weird having a get-to-know you without hearing your story, your life, your answers too. I will hopefully leave that for the another day, trusting we will connect over tea and stories.

I live with my most dear and kind partner Jorge (I think partner is a better word than husband). We have an old love that is messy, real and is always changing. Jorge grounds me and is the kindest person I know.

I have 4 kids that are just fine people and I am so grateful I get to be in a family with them. Josiah (14), Jack (11), Lucy (8) and Lyra (5) are funny, wise, caring and occasionally make me crazy but have taught me more than I knew was possible.

I want to be part of art and kindness creating change and human connection. I want to be part of kindness that lets strangers and my community know there is truth and love in a world that asks us to discover a togetherness rooted in our most human parts. I want to be brave and kind. This is the call of my life.

About my photography business: I fell into photography 5 years ago after it was required for me to provide images for my job blogging for After about a month of looking through the lens, constantly searching for light and finding beauty in the dark, I knew instantly I was a photographer and that I wanted to photograph birth. I loved that there was something so powerful unfolding before me, it felt sacred and I was so touched that folks would allow me to witness it. It was an honor to them be able to offer a visual testament of their collective love, her power, and the baby's way into the world. The raw moments that humble us and call us into being taught me more than I ever imagined. 

*as my art, speaking and kindness work has grown, I am only available to take a limited number of clients during a year but if we are meant to work together, we will! Don't hesitate to reach out.